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In Uncategorized on May 12, 2009 at 2:38 am

Dylan and I needed to drop off some paperwork for my part-time job today, so we took the stroller for a jaunt and had ourselves a little radventure.  Once business was taken care of we were off to Island Park.

We played on the playground, met a few parents with their toddlers in tow, and I got to juggle for a bit.  We left Fargo via the Main Avenue bridge and took notice of how far the river has dropped.  Still a way to go before it looks normal but there are a lot fewer floating trees and one can even see some of the bike paths peeking out of the water.

I wanted to run all the way home in hopes of using our neighbor’s rented rototiller (we missed it btw), but there were a few busloads of kids playing at Davy Park so Dylan insisted on “more slides”.  The kids were from Pelican Rapids and were having a blast in the big city while their handlers relaxed in the sun.  Dylan wanted his snack so I took out my 4″ acrylic while he ate and started doing some moves.  Before long I had attracted the attention of the curious youngsters and a big semicircle formed!

It was a lot of fun to perform for these kids so I gave them a show and a bit of banter in between answering their many questions.  “What is it made out of?”, “Is it hard to do that?”  and “How long have you been doing that?” are the kinds of questions I love.  Luckily no one thought to ask “Why do you do that?”, which is much more difficult to answer.  As we left I heard some kids calling “Bye cool dude!”  and “Thank you!”.  *smiles*

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