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Free Sale

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Saturday, July 31st at 704 15th St N in Moorhead

Come one come all to the free-est yard sale around!  We decimated our bodies by losing
10% of our mass, now we are giving away 10% of our stuff.

Hoarders Discouraged, Conversation Encouraged

Free coffee and cookies while they last!
Items to be given away include:

Boxing handwraps
Baseball cards
Chairs (1 rocker, 1 zebra striped)
Board Games
Boys clothing (mostly 2T and 3T)
Girls clothing (mostly 0-9 months)
Mens clothing (mostly XL and 36W)
Womens clothing (mostly XL, 14, 16, 18)

Juggling In Duluth

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We recently took a road trip to Duluth and I got a chance to perform at a new playground near Canal Park.  My mother-in-law requested that I break out the juggling and after a few minutes the curious kids and parents came over to check it out.  I spoke with several of the parents about how to get started contact juggling and promised some links, here they are!

ContactJuggling.Org – This site is a treasure trove of information and the hub of the international contact juggling community.  Yes, there really is such a thing.

NeonHusky.Com – This is where I order my balls online, a quality vendor with reasonable prices.  I recommend the contact juggling starter kit.

Permission Granted

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Thanks to the Tri Valley Opportunity Council for rectifying the sign issue and making it clear that families with young children are in fact welcome to play with the toys.


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The Tri Valley Opportunity Council does a lot of things right, but they sure misfired with this tone deaf message to parents of young children seeking to play at Robert Asp Elementary.  It seems to me that if a group wants to protect their resources from being played with by the community, it ought to bring the toys inside, not fence them off from the rest of the public school’s playground and post intimidating signs.

Ray of Peace

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Long last assured of safety’s face,
he paused to ponder the human race.

Languid adrift in sun’s last rays, then
paddling swift to beat the shade, the
dying’s wish for one more day.

Amidst the silent lack of fear
unburdened mind thinks last thoughts clear:

“We are the light at end of day.  Gone for now, but not to stay.”