Dancing With The Robots

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2009 at 8:12 pm

Dylan and I went on a big bicycle trip today, we may even have set a new family record for miles covered on a radventure.  Our first stop was Chuck E. Cheese, which is currently Crackerface’s favorite.  Dylan has begun telling stories about the kid centric pizza place to persuade Janelley and I to bring him there.   “We could go to Chuck E. Cheese and dance with the robots, Daddy.  We can eat pizza, and I can play games, it will be a lot of fun,” he tells me with deadly sincerity.

Dylan plans to have his third birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, and we now have several plastic toys and doohickeys imprinted with the logo and likeness of the D-man’s favorite anthropomorphic  mouse.  Mickey who?   My favorite is the inflatable hammer.  That’s right, I said inflatable hammer.  We also currently house a CEC flying disc (frisbee for you oldtimers), a plastic microphone, and a bag of unused tokens and tickets.

Chuck is not the only character in the lineup, so Toddlerpants has developed a close personal relationship with the other onstage personas as well.  We will be dancing up a storm when the music will stop and Dylan will begin lecturing on the subject of their names and group affiliations.  “Chuck E. Cheese is a mouse,  and Jasper is a dog, and Pasqually is a guy, and Helen is a bird, and Munch is a big purple gorilla!”

As I watch my boy resume dancing, the only human faced robot on stage seems to lock eyes with me.  I catch myself wondering how Pasqually the Italian drummer fell in with this crowd when Dylan’s high pitched voice tells me that it is time for “more rides”.  The time for dancing with the robots has passed, and the feeding of the machines is up next, I wonder if he suspects how much I love Chuck E. Cheese?

Dylan on Bob the Builder's 'Dozer

Dylan and Lukas Playing Air Hockey

Dylan Sharing His Green Balls

  1. Hahahahahahahaha – I think the whole CEC thing got to you, huh? I went to a CEC over two weeks ago for a birthday party and I loved the characters (I’m talking about the robotics of Munch’s Make Believe Band). I sure dig Pasqually P. Pieplate, the Italian drummer – he’s my favorite of the bunch!

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