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The Tri Valley Opportunity Council does a lot of things right, but they sure misfired with this tone deaf message to parents of young children seeking to play at Robert Asp Elementary.  It seems to me that if a group wants to protect their resources from being played with by the community, it ought to bring the toys inside, not fence them off from the rest of the public school’s playground and post intimidating signs.

  1. Really! Are you serious? No way…. This sucks for neighborhood kids. Has there been vandalism? Is it a question of liability? I agree that the tone is definitely “un” friendly and intimidating. Maybe even a “We’re sorry! Due to…..we have been forced to allow access to the public”
    Bad on whoever dreamed this up!

  2. Please come to the center and talk to one of the TRi-Valley employees so we can resolve this. There has been vandalism twice with the equipement and the sign was supposed to keep those out that had the wrong purpose. The sign will be taken down immediately and we would like your input on what would be helpful to post. Please do not think that we do not want children to play. That is our main focus; families and children. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. Playground equipment on taxpayers land, at a taxpayers school – equipment owned by TRi-Valley that is focused on families and children. Maybe the sign will be changed or the equipment will be moved into the gym for protection – since there is playground equipment on the east side of the school already.

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