Socialized Streets, Privatized Sidewalks (Pictures)

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Wow, what a beautiful day! Let's go to the park.

The local laundromat is refusing to shovel the walk? Is this even a real business? How do customers get in and out? Ridiculous.

Perhaps this homeowner decided there is no point in shoveling if the business next door refuses to do it. Or maybe the other way around...either way, this is unacceptable.

Here we are, playing in the snow and juggling on a gorgeous day in north Moorhead's Northeast Park.

Dylan chasing his young "friend" he just met with a chair on the skating rink. Another citizen brought the chair to help her daughter learn to skate. Good times.

One of the worst offenders in my neighborhood completely refuses to remove the snow piled up by the plow at the cutout.

Wow, by far the best job in the neighborhood, this person not only does the minimum, but clears the snow right down to the sidewalk the entire length of the property including two cutouts to the street. Well done and thank you!







  1. […] It was an absolutely gorgeous day in north Moorhead yesterday, a great chance to get out of the house and play with my three year old son, Dylan. We decided on an adventure to Northeast Park and took off down the sidewalk with a dual mission. Most importantly, we were out to have a good time, get some exercise and fresh air. But I also brought a camera, knowing that our progress would be challenged by uncleared sidewalks and cutouts to the street. View the pictures and the story of our progress here. […]

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