Family of Writers

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Wow, what a year for the authors in our household!  Dylan’s third sci-fi novel just went live on Amazon, and Janelle self-published her first novel last fall which is also for sale at Amazon.  Although the urge to write has largely been absent in my own life, it is so fulfilling to watch the love of language and creativity blossom in my wife and son.  What about Julia?  When will she write her first book?  Oh, don’t worry, she is working on a dark thriller for her school’s “freewriting” project.  When she read it to me, I had to suppress the urge to censor the themes of murder and revenge, instead praising her precocious understanding of literary structure and broad vocabulary.

Dilono’s Ultimate Adventures: The Galactic War

Disrupted (Disruptress Series)

As Jay Sherman says in The Critic,

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